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Welcome to Silver Wishes About Us Page

From the very beginnings of Silver Wishes way back in 1997, until now, 2017, it has been one crazy journey getting from there to here.

So begins the story of "About Us"

In 1997, more or less... the internet begins. Well, ok, for some of us it begins. Some were sooner, most were later. This brings me to say, when it all began for Silver Wishes, the internet as we know it, was a far cry from today.

Back in the day, if you were to search for Silver Wishes as a search term, or as a keyword, you would have found us, and a story that someone had written with the phrase silver wishes in it. I have searched in vain for that story so that I could include it in this page and give them their due glory, aaahh but to no avail.

We are the original "Silver Wishes"

It took us about a year to come up with the name. We fretted (some very close friends and I, we'll call them, Devin and John!) over about 5 different names before I finally decided on Silver Wishes. The name Silver Wishes embodies the very essence of what we do and why we do it. Silver, is of course the main stay of what our products are made of. Wishes, well the wishes part is what we have for the world. Wishes. Good Wishes, Happy Wishes, Soulful Wishes, Wishes Wishes, Silver Wishes. Just that and nothing more. Silver Wishes.

Today, when you search Silver Wishes, you are met with a plethora of places, products, and ploys. None of these are, as you might have guessed by now, the original Silver Wishes, but that's okay. No matter how they arrived at the name or product or story they have to tell, you are here, your journey is over, you have found the original, Silver Wishes.

Silver Wishes are an elegant, beautiful, inspirational, expression of emotion and attitude that we offer to the world. I wish I were able to explain it better, but suffice it to say, sometimes less is more.

Below you will find some links that are hosted by the internet The Wayback Machine. You can use this website to look up old web pages from back in the day to see how they looked. Take note of the Copyright date.

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